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Corporate Gifts

So you want to grow your business with corporate gifts, but you're not sure about the proper business gifting etiquette?

Or maybe you don't know which gifts will make the best impression?

Or perhaps you've received a gift from another business and don't know what is expected from you in return?

A lot of these situations require a bit of tact and business savvy in order to avoid a breach in professionalism.

I'm here to help you in these moments, and hopefully, if you follow my advice, you can grow your brand super effectively with good gift giving etiquette.

These are just some of my tips and general rules for professional gifting.

As a prefatory note, I'm going to use the terms "business gift", "corporate gift", and "promotional gift" a bit interchangeably in order to describe gifts given between one business and another or between a business and a client. This is not to belittle their technical differences; it's just to emphasize different aspects of the same essential action.


Corporate gifts are a great way to connect your brand to others and to grow brand recognition.

Business-to-business gifts usually consist of promotional merchandise (like the above-pictured logo engraved pen) connected to your brand.

While so many businesses are super open to receiving gifts, and there's a shared sense of understanding that you are indeed promoting your brand and services, just know that others might perceive you as either trying to bribe them or else interpret it as a thinly veiled attempt to make a sale.

Even to you, it may indeed be just such a thinly veiled attempt, but it really doesn't have to be. It's a completely normal part of business to exchange promotional gifts, and the initial gift exchange is often understood to be just a plain old show of goodwill.

So feel free to give, but do it with the proper etiquette, and don't use it as a bribe.

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