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promotional gifts

The best promotional gifts are generally of high quality and universal taste. They show that you know the brand to whom you are gifting while still also connected to your own brand.

The Spruce has a great shortlist of appropriate and fun business gifts, but you should also spend time researching different possibilities and even try to strategize some unique, previously untried ideas.

The type of corporate gifts you give should be catered to their interests. Your branded merchandise is great so long as it's not simply a box full of novelties and fidget spinners with your logo on them. Stuff like that probably isn't all that related to the work either you or your recipient is doing.

It's pretty much just like giving a gift to one person: you have to really know what the other person likes and give them a corporate gift that's either functional, symbolic, or at the very least valuable. It's got to show your appreciation of them.

It shouldn't just be a "taster" of your own interests and services.

Do your research and get to know the business to whom you want to send a gift.

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